Selling a business requires dedicated professional attention.  Marketing and facilitating a business transfer is a full-time job.  The Lincoln Group works primarily with privately held or closely held businesses.  Our goal as agent for the seller is to maximize the after-tax profit for the business owner.  Confidentiality must be maintained.  In order to achieve the seller’s goals, there are a number of logical steps that must be completed, and this requires the dedicated attention of a professional intermediary.  There are three basic phases to the process:  


Company President Paul Klinge first meets with you and other parties involved in the sale of your company to learn all we can about your goals and your business.  We conduct these meetings in a discrete and confidential manner, involving only people on your management team that need to be involved at this early stage.  Sometimes it will be necessary to meet with your accountant as we gather the information that we need to thoroughly analyze your company.  We determine an offering price and terms that are consistent with the marketplace and the owner’s objectives.  We then develop a compelling and sales-oriented Executive Summary and a Confidential Business Review which documents the company’s history, financials, and other key information that helps the buyer see the benefits of the business and the potential for the future.  We also do extensive research on your market and your industry to define buyer selection criteria and profile of the buyer.


With the Executive Summary and the Confidential Business Review finalized, The Lincoln Group develops a marketing plan tailored to your objectives.  We utilize several major Internet web sites, which provide immediate national exposure in a confidential manner.  We also notify our existing buyer database, and personally contact the most qualified buyers who have indicated an interest in acquiring a business in your industry.  The Lincoln Group’s tailored marketing approach will also include several other proven strategies for locating serious and qualified buyers in your industry.

Offers, Negotiations, Financing and Closing

The Lincoln Group uses a team approach in selling businesses.  We coordinate the efforts of all parties involved in the transaction – the prospective buyers, attorneys, accountants and lenders – to keep the process moving forward.  Our role is to sustain momentum until the deal is completed.  There are many issues to address and lots of paperwork involved in a business transfer.  We negotiate on your behalf to obtain the best price, financial structure and closing terms.