We get results

We close 92% of our deals.  The industry average is less than 30%.

We are trustworthy

The Lincoln Group uses experienced licensed professionals who adhere to a strict code of conduct in the sale of businesses and real estate.

We are licensed professionals

We are accountable to uphold the standards of various professional associations and commissions that regulate business and real estate sales.

We have connections

We work with over 500 offices nationwide and have built relationships over the years with experienced intermediaries, seasoned professional tax advisors, business valuation firms, equipment appraisers and SBA lenders, both locally and nationally.

We protect your business

By using a professional intermediary, you can reach qualified buyers or sellers with complete confidentiality.

We help you stay focused

You can concentrate on managing and growing your business while we work quietly and efficiently in the background.

We bring you serious candidates

Most of our clients end up selling their business to someone they never heard of, or they purchase a business that they had never previously considered.

We stay the course

When the going gets tough, we don’t quit.  We stay on top of things and make sure that every detail is covered.  When we run into obstacles, we seek creative solutions to overcome the problem.

We are great gift wrappers

We know what information a buyer and a lender will require and we deliver it.  This makes the buyer’s job easier and results in faster closings.

We add value

Utilizing our expertise will help you achieve your goals.

We work as a team

Our team of professionals know how to structure the price and terms to minimize your taxes and maximize your outcome.

We have the know-how

You can benefit from our years of experience in deal-making and avoid costly mistakes.

We manage expectations

One of the most important aspects of negotiating the turbulent waters of mergers and acquisitions is knowing what the buyer and seller expect, and providing them with the information they need to adjust to the circumstances.  We don’t want you to have any suprises.

We screen the candidates

Based on your criteria we help narrow the scope so that you do not waste time talking to the wrong people.

We handle all communication and negotiations

From start to finish you can rely on us to insure that momentum is maintained and that all parties involved know what is going on.

We avoid costly mistakes

Irritations and delays are avoided by funneling all communication through a single point of contact.

We respond quickly

Unlike many of our competitors, we maintain regular communication with you throughout the process, and we aggressively seek qualified candidates across and beyond your industry.

We stay on the cutting edge

We regularly attend educational conferences and seminars to keep abreast of changes in our industry.